COVID-19 Business & Economic Impact

In General by Peter Finn

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought fast-moving and unexpected variables, some of which existing crisis plans and teams weren’t prepared to handle. It has emerged as a significant and very global challenge that is creating disruption across the world. Organizations globally are experiencing unprecedented workforce disruption. The coronavirus outbreak has forced companies to re-evaluate how contact centers are leveraged, how employees …

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4 Configuration Orchestration tools from IaC you can use to automate your deployments

In Technical by rafimd786

Terraform Configuration orchestration and configuration management tools, both of which are considered IaC tools. Configuration orchestration tools, which include Terraform and AWS CloudFormation, are designed to automate the deployment of servers and other infrastructure. Configuration orchestration tools do some level of configuration management, and configuration management tools do some level of orchestration. Companies can, and many times use both types …